Capacity Modelling of Infiltration Zones

Status – Complete


Filter Media comparison to determine the efficiency around infiltration and emptying times of Infiltration Zones. The project was undertaken in July 2014 covering gravel, space soil, sandy loam, and clay soils

This case study was undertaken in 2014 with the City of Mitcham and the University of South Australia. It is aimed to compare Filter Media types by accessing two attributes of each medium. Infiltration rates and emptying times were proved by undertaking head infiltration testing across multiple seasons and ages of the site. Gravel, SPACE Soil (WTS), Sandy Loam and Native Clay Soil were tested.

Emptying times and infiltration rates are significantly different dependant on medium types. Gravel and SPACE Soil were found to infiltrate between 50-70L/hr and empty between 8-9 hours after being filled. The Sandy Loam and Native Clay infiltrated at a rate of 20L/hr or less and empty over 24 hours. Gravel or SPACE Soil are an ideal Filter Media for infiltration.