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Space Down Under focuses on developing, improving and delivering sustainable stormwater harvesting solutions to support healthy urban forests. We seek to nurture street trees and other plants to reconnect communities with nature in urban settings for all the health and wellbeing benefits it delivers. We provide solutions that can be applied at the urban street scale, where they are of most benefit and value to communities. Our products deliver fit-for-purpose stormwater management solutions to sustain urban trees to help to improve air and water quality, enhance physical and mental wellbeing, reduce energy consumption, mitigate heat island, and reduce carbon emissions. Simply put, Space Down Under supports the building of greener, more liveable cities for healthier communities.

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Founder and Director of Space Down Under
Co-founder TREENET Organisation

David Lawry OAM

David co-founded TREENET (Tree and Roadway Experimental and Educational Network) in 1997 and was its Director until December 2012.  He is also responsible for founding the “Avenues of Honour 1915-2015” project in 2004. With a Degree in Agricultural Science and a long horticultural history in the nursery and landscaping industry, David is a respected champion for effective establishment and retention of trees in urban settings, particularly street trees. David invented and commercialised the Kerb SPACE Inlet®, a device which can be fitted into the tightest of streetscapes to harvest stormwater to provide passive irrigation for trees even in reactive clay soil. David is Managing Director of Space Down Under, which manufactures Kerb SPACE Inlet® and other products which support urban forestry. In 2008 he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia: “For service to arboriculture and the environment, particularly through research and support for sustainable plantings in the urban landscape, and to the community through the Avenues of Honour project.” 

Dr Harsha Sapdhare

Research Manager

Joseph Phillips

Product Manager


Riley Thring

Research Project Officer


Jan Lawry

Community Engagement Manager